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Tour around Mananjary

Combine the pleasure of sailing canoe (paddle or motorized) on the Pangalanes channel and admire the city of Mananjary in stunning views, go and meet the clan Antambahoaka and customs. This tour starts from the dock at "La Route des épices" to reach the central axis of the Pangalanes channel, then by the lagoon that runs through the city center.

Autour de Mananjary             Autour de Mananjary

Landing, the market for local products (bamboo raft) and visit the traditional market (building materials), the bazaar BE (big market) and one of the "Tranobe" (house of the clan) and interview with the Ampanjaka (traditional leader) of local traditions.

Finally, at the embouchure, instead ANTAMBAHOAKA ritual culture, guests can watch the ballet of the arrival of fishermen at sea in the late morning or enjoy the colorful spectacle of washerwomen at sunset in the late afternooni.

Duration: 2 hours to half day

Circuit Mananjary             Circuit Mananjary

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