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Local Cuisine and overseas
Inspired by the flavors of the world, the restaurant team "La Route des épices" offers (daily continuous except Sunday), an original cuisine based on local products (zebu, fish, shrimp, lobster. ..) subtly embellished with homegrown spices and elsewhere.

Restaurant - La route des épices             La route des épices

At the edge of the pier on the lagoon Pangalanes Canal, you can enjoy include: the "Spicy Shrimp with Sauce House," "Grilled Lobster with pink peppercorns", "Zebu Garam Masala", "Zebu fondue with three sauces”, “Carpaccio of meat or fish with olive oil”, chocolate mousse with cinnamon, spice ice ... etc ...

Cocktailed rums

With a choice of over 20 flavors, "LA ROUTE DES EPICES" certainly offers one of the most original cards rums on the island: flowers, fruits and spices, of course, marry in the original to enjoy without maceration moderation in the friendly atmosphere and locals music.

"All Spice", "Cocoa-Vanilla", "Hibiscus Flower" ... so many precious memories in bottles that can alsobe carried in his luggage...

Restaurant - La route des épices             La route des épices

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