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Madagascar - Discovery Pangalanes with “La Route des épices”

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Installed from 1999 to Mananjary, a small town between Pangalanes Canal and the Indian Ocean, the Cuccia family created LRDE. In 2010, she handed on the torch to the Razafintsalama Herinirina family composed of the younger line, Tiana's sister, Lova and the son of this one.


Razafintsalama family is from the high land, but the father (an officer) came to Mananjary in 1975. All his children have grown up in Mananjary and they are attached to the Antambahoaka population, its culture and customs.

A force to traverse the region, they know the fingertips all the heavenly wild places and almost the characteristic of the Pangalanes channel, that other little-known part of Madagascar.
Until now, they are committed to a fair tourism, solidarity tourism, responsible tourism, and tourism.

How to reach Mananjary ?

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